Pizza Bianca (Rosemary+EVOO Focaccia) - Sullivan St. Bakery


This EVOO + Rosemary + Sea Salt studded Roman style foccacia is crafted with the same methods that Italian artisan bakers have practiced for centuries. The Pizza Bianca is slow fermented like all the breads at Sullivan St but the generous addition of olive oil and the thinner shape give it a delicate bubbly crust with a silky rich interior! Pop this in the oven with your favorite cheese and sauce on top for a quick dinner, or tear apart and dip into your favorite EVOO, spread or cheese!

About Sullivan Street Bakery:

Great bread requires a mastery of science, a love of craft, a dedication to sourcing the best ingredients and the patience to allow them to slowly ferment into a perfect alchemy of flavor.  The breads of Sullivan Street Bakery are deep and complexly flavored while maintaining perfect balance, they shine on their own but they can also be part of an ensemble cast!  

Size: 7 inch portion! (these come to us as 5 1/2 foot sheets of joy, we cut eat sheet into 8 equal pieces pieces lest you eat it for every meal for a week!)

All Sullivan Street Breads are baked fresh daily and delivered the day they were baked!  

All bread is first come = first serve, if you want guaranteed bread but don't mind which you get, checkout our Baker's Choice.