Butcher's Premium Pack - Wagyu Beef

$350.00 $400.00

If you want the ultimate this is it! SUPER LIMITED SUPPLY! This is some of the best beef you will ever taste and you are getting things that no one else has access to. We are practicing whole animal butchery so from a given animal we only get 4 portions of Delmonico, Bavette, Marrow Bones and our Frenched Shanks and they are going to you! Plus you that are getting one of our best Ribeyes and 2 amazing NY Strips! 

We've partnered with one of our closest charcuterie producers, A Small Good, in Rockport, Maine to bring this very exclusive and amazing pastured Wagyu Beef down to NYC.


  • Beef Marrow Bone - avg. weight 1.2#
  • Whole Frenched Beef Shank - avg. weight 4.5#
  • Ribeye Steak - avg. weight - 3# 
  • 2 NY Strip Steaks - avg. weight - 1# ea. Each
  • Delmonico Steak - avg. weight - .5#
  • Bavette Steak - avg. weight - 1# 

All products are portioned and packed in a sterile environment with constant sanitation and health managerial oversight. Depending on availability items may be delivered frozen. 

Vendor: Grass-Fed Wagyu Beef





***Exact Contents Subject to variation based on Whole Animal Availability