CHOCOLATE PACK - Fine and Raw - 4 Bar Mix Pack

$32.00 $36.90

One of our favorite bean to bar producers - Fine and Raw, located just a stones throw away in Bushwick.  These folks know chocolate and they make everything vegan with only pure chocolate, cocoa butter, the occasional nut and some coconut.


This selection is especially dear as it is a selection of our four favorite bars from their line up.  The Chunky's while small are just about the most decadent thing you've ever had and the support local bars will put any other chocolate bar to shame, we dare you to try to save one for multiple chocolate sessions...we haven't been able to!

2oz Brooklyn Bonnie Hazelnut butter 49%
2oz Brooklyn Bonnie Sea Salt 70%
1.5oz Almond Chunky
1.5oz Coconut Chunky