Partridge - Local + Farm Raised - 1 Pc - 14-18oz


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These perfect little Chukar Partridge are members of the Pheasant family, and are the perfect introduction to game birds, striking a delicious balance between richness and a balanced game sweetness, like cornish game hen but with more flavor and a nice large breast. Perfect for your small but decadent holiday meal, these beautiful Whole Chukar Partridge are farm raised by La Belle Farm in Sullivan County, NY. These birds are rich and tender, with lovely streak of fat beneath the skin and a sweet lightly gamey flavor.  For serving we recommend 1 bird for every 2 people.  

Notes: Depending on availability Partridge may be delivered frozen, they can be thawed in 1-2 hours. 

1 Pc - Average 14-18oz. Each