THE BIG - Pepper Box - 2.5 Quart

1.0 lb

It's high summer and that means lots of peppers are coming in from all our favorite farmers.  If you are a shishito lover, a habanada evangelist, or you named your first born Corno di Toro this is for you.  Some of these are great for simply blistering in evoo or lightly roasting on the grill, the others are amazing for adding a crunch and deep sweetness to any Pasta, Salad, Pickle, you name it! This is a rotating mix of our favorite peppers for doing just that.  Includes:

  • Mix that includes: Corno di Toro, Shishito, Habanada, Cubanelle, Jimmy Nardello, Aji Dulce and more Peppers

Depending on availability from our farmers the mix may include any/all of the above varietals.  

Weight varies, but this box is 2.5 quarts so weight is 2lbs plus