Cheeses of Piedmonte!

Cheeses of Piedmonte!

We’re itching to travel–anywhere! While we can’t scratch that itch just yet, we sure can feed it, with CHEESE! One of the best aspects of travel is getting to experience and enjoy the food of someplace new. If you’re not familiar with the Piedmont region of Italy, allow us to introduce you to this rich area through the beautiful cheeses of Caseifico dell’ Alta Langa.

Piemonte, meaning “foot of the mountains’, is situated in the north west of Italy, surrounded by the Alps, and sharing borders with France and Switzerland. It is rich in industry, home of Fiat and Pirelli, and perhaps even richer in agriculture. Just south of Turin, the capital, is the area known as the Langhe and here is where you’ll find vineyards of the great Barolo and Barbaresco wines as well as the world-renowned white truffle. Caseifico dell Alta Langa, named after the area, has been making delicious cheeses there for decades.

Located in Bosia, a small village in the Langhe, Caseificio dell Alta Langa carries on the traditions of the region and upholds quality and craftsmanship. Working in practical means, many of their cheeses are made from mixed daily milk from small herds of cows, sheep, and goats. We’ve always carried a selection of Alta Langa cheeses because they never disappoint; rich in nuanced flavor and easy on the palette they're easy to pair and enjoyable at any time of day.

The region is well known for a style of cheese called robiola, a soft ripened cheese of varying proportions of cow’s, sheep’s, and goat’s milk, with a delicate young rind. Alta Langa’s Robiola Bosina is a mix of cow and sheep’s milk and has a lovely buttery, silky paste. Bosina has some light floral notes and a sweet, nutty finish. This cheese is perfect for breakfast with bread and jam or honey.

Nocciolo is a delightful cloud of cow, sheep, and goat’s milk. Fluffy and creamy with just the right amount of tang, these little cubes are the perfect size for one.

A great centerpiece for any cheeseboard is La Tur, a mix of cow, sheep, and goat milk. This beauty is like a cupcake with frosting in cheese form. Dense in texture with an oozey cream line and lactic tang, this is rustic decadence at its finest.

A sleeper favorite of ours is Castelbelbo, another mix of cow, sheep, and goat milk. With a bouncey, buttery texture and notes of hazelnut this is one of our favorite cheeses to snack on with some fruit or just by itself.

Tre Latte Camembert, three milks, cow, sheep, and goat is another decadent, spreadable choice from Alta Langa. Creamy and rich Tre Latte becomes even more oozey as it ages and can take on a nice fruity boozey flavor. Try this one for dessert with some chocolate!

Any one of these delightful cheeses will give you a little moment of get away and happiness. So grab a bottle of Piemonte wine, a little piece of cheese, and let yourself be transported to Italy!