Wagyu NY Strip Steak (Boneless) - Chef's Reserve Grass Fed Wagyu Beef - .9 LB


The Chef's Reserve Steaks are some of the most marbled and perfect steaks we get, with extra dry aging time. There are only a few from each animal so they are super limited, but rest assured they will not disappoint!

The ultimate steak, thick cut, dry aged and marbled beyond belief, We've partnered with one of our closest charcuterie producers, A Small Good, in Rockport, Maine to bring this very exclusive and amazing pastured Wagyu Beef down to NYC.

Price per steak -0.9 Lb weight 

All products are portioned and packed in a sterile environment with constant sanitation and health managerial oversight. Depending on availability items may be delivered frozen. 

Vendor: Grass-Fed Wagyu Beef