These heirloom chicories are some of our favorite things to cook in early fall. Their bold flavor is bittersweet and super aromatic. From Puntarelle alla Romano to roasted Treviso Radicchio with Bagna Cauda, and Castelfranco Con Condimento these greens can handle more robust flavors and definitely deserve the spotlight on your dinner table. If you haven’t tried them, this is the moment, check out the blog for recipes and inspiration!

Box Includes:

3 Heads mixed chicories depending on availability from our farmers; selection could include - Castelfranco Radicchio, Treviso Radicchio, Puntarelle - all always Organic and Local!









**Items in individual boxes that are unavailable due to supply chain or farmer constraints will be substituted with the most similar item of equal value - we promise they will be just as delicious!