Chef's Essentials Box - NEW


We updated our Cooks Essentials box to make something that is more suited for winter cooking and the basics of all your recipes. This is everything you need to start and finish your dishes plus some special things to make them pop!

  • Limes (Organic), 3 pc
  • Meyer Lemons (Organic), 2pc 
  • Italian Parsley (Local)(Organic), 1 Bunch
  • Thyme and/or Rosemary (Local)(Organic), 1 Bunch
  • Garlic (Local)(Organic), 2 Pc Large
  • Red Onions (Local)(Organic), 3 pc
  • Yellow Onions (Local)(Organic), 3 pc
  • Shallots (Local)(Organic), 3 pc
  • Scallions (Organic), 1 Bunch








**Items in individual boxes that are unavailable due to supply chain or farmer constraints will be substituted with the most similar item of equal value - we promise they will be just as delicious!