Greens Box


A typical box will include:

  • Green Kale, Organic, Local, 1 Bunch
  • Lacinato or Red Kale, Organic, Local, 1 Bunch
  • Little Gems Lettuce, Organic, Local, 2 Heads - transitioning to Larger Head Lettuce Crisphead/Red Leaf/Red Oak Leaf, 1 Head
  • Wild Arugula or Spring Greens Mix, Local, 4 oz. Clamshell
  • Baby Spinach or Savoy Spinach, Organic, Local, Clamshell/Bunch/Bunch


 **Items in individual boxes that are unavailable due to seasonal availability, supply chain or farmer constraints will be substituted with the most similar item of equal value - we promise they will be just as delicious!