Account Setup Guide

Accounts aren't mandatory but they do have PERKS.  Setting up an account is easy.  Simply follow these steps and you will be able to: Setup Recurring Orders, Get Exclusive Discounts, Make Changes to Existing Orders, and get tons (most things we sell) of Subscribe and Save Discounts.  


1. On any page, look to the upper left hand corner.  You will see "LOG IN / JOIN / SEARCH"

2. Click "JOIN" , then enter all the info requested in
the 4 fields: First name, Last Name, Email Address and Password. t

3. Click "CREATE".

4.  A new page will load with a "captcha", verify by clicking the button and doing a visual test (sometimes) to confirm you are not a computer.

5. Next you will be taken back to the create account screen and there
will be a text box saying " We have sent an email to, please click the link included to verify your
email address."

6. Verify your email: At this point all you have to do is find the email in
your inbox and click the link verifying your account. FYI - sometimes gmail
is funny about where it sorts these emails to so it is best to click
"all mail" in the folder list on the left hand side of the screen and
it should be up at the top, it may take a second to arrive to make sure to hit refresh.

7. DONE - You now have an account and will be able to do all the fantastic things we listed above!