How to Order

We deliver to: NYC, Hudson County, Bergen County, Rockland County, Westchester County, and Long Island.

How to Order

It is EASY!

Select the items that you want, add them to your cart and select a delivery date at checkout. We don't deliver to every area ever day and spots are limited each day so if a day isn't available please select the next available date.  


Yes, tipping is required. Why, because before we made it so, our drivers and mongers were not getting enough love.  They are on the streets working the front lines of delivery to keep you fed, the hours are long, the stress is high, the tips are well deserved.  All tips go straight to the team! If you don't want to tip we are sure you can find a place to order from that doesn't require it, no hard feelings but our people deserve it and their value is non negotiable. 

Delivery Minimums and Schedule

Monday - Friday NEXT DAY delivery to: 

Brooklyn ($75 min)                                                                                                      Manhattan - below 125th st ($75 min)                                                                        Queens - west of Flushing Meadow Park ($75 min)

Thursday Delivery to:

Manhattan - north of 125th street ($150 min)                                                            Bronx ($150 min)                                                                                                        South Westchester - below I 287 ($150 min)                                                              North Westchester ($250 min)                                                                                    Hudson/Bergen County, NJ ($150 min)                                                                      Rockland County ($150 min)

Friday Delivery to:

Queens - east of Flushing Meadow Park ($150 min)                                                  Nassau County, LI ($200 min)                                                                                      Suffolk County, LI ($400 min)

What if I Don't Hit the Delivery Minimum?
If you don't manage to hit our delivery minimums, unfortunately, we charge a fee. It is on a sliding scale - if you are more than halfway there, we charge a lesser fee than if you're not close at all. That being said, our minimums are low so we'd much rather prefer that you get some good food than pay a fee!

Why order from us?

We are a small team with strict health guidelines — we have / are taking extreme caution!
We are a small company — we are working with small farmers and teaming up with neighborhood shops to bring you everything you need during this crisis. Supporting us keeps our team and their families employed. It supports your local community and ensures that small producers / farmers will be able to survive this crisis.
Quality / Price
We only carry the best and we are offering it at wholesale prices! You are being affected during this time too. We want you to save money so you can protect your family and livelihood.


We are committed to helping everyone If you or someone you know needs food and cannot get it, click here to submit your info and we will reach out as soon as we can.

Returns / Exchanges / Refunds

Due to the current health crisis we cannot accept any returns or exchanges.  If you have an issue with an order - take pictures of the entire order in its original box as it was delivered and submit to via response to the confirmation email you received.