The 21 days of Chefstivus

Happy Chefstivus! The most wonderful time of year. We've taken all the calories out of the cheese, the carbs out of the bread and pasta, and the guilt our of eating decadent things!

What is Chefstivus?  It is a 21 day celebration of all things Joyous, Delicious, and Wonderful.  Chefstivus begins on December 9th and ends on NYE.  

How do you celebrate Chefstivus? Taking joy in food, sharing that joy and being as generous as possible.  Chefstivus is all about reducing holiday stress, treating yourself and others, and eating delicious things!


Chefstivus Order Change/Addition Policy: For the 21 days of Chefstivus promotion, the daily promotions are only available for orders placed on the day or days specified. You must add the item to your order and follow the instructions/hit the order total specified to qualify.  All discounts and freebies are automatic.  Since this is a 3 week multi pronged event and we are doing a rotating promotion every single day we can't do any backdating or switching. Thank you for taking part in Chefstivus.

Happy Chefstivus to all! 

PS.  You can place orders 3 weeks out, so if you want to get in on a specific deal but already have an order placed you can always place a new order for a date in the future.