Caviar - Kaluga Royal - 113 gm

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This caviar is truly the best! This caviar is deeply flavorful and nuanced while achieving perfect balance, sweet and buttery with a hint of umami and a lively touch of ocean brininess.  The beads are firm with a a diameter just under 2.9mm and a color the varies from silvery black to pearl grey. Perfect for making any meal a special occasion.  

Breed: Kaluga is a hybrid sturgeon bred to produce caviar with qualities similar to its renowned cousin the famous Beluga Sturgeon (which is illegal to import).  These sturgeon are aqua cultured under pristine conditions in a remote lake surrounded by virgin forest.

Style: The caviar is cured in the malossol style, where the fresh eggs are light cured with minimal salt, and absolutely no preservatives or additives.  

Package includes:

1 Tin Caviar Kaluga 113 gm 

1 Bag Torres EVOO Potato Chips 

4oz Creme Fraiche