Fruit Box

$23.00 $27.00

We work with farmers all over the northeast (and CA for the oranges) to bring the ripest most delicious fruit straight to your door!  This is our classic fruit box, but we also have a delicious tropical fruit box for those looking for something more exotic! 


  • Pears, (LOCAL)(Eco Grown) 3 Pc
  • Apples, (LOCAL)(ORGANIC), Evercrisp / Fuji / Empire / Gala, 5 pc
  • Oranges, Valencia (Organic), 3 pc 
  • Blueberries, (ORGANIC) 1/2 Pint

Berry season is ending/ended locally so Strawberries and Blueberries are now coming from small family growers in California.  When one type of berry is unavailable Pears may be substituted.  










**Items in individual boxes that are unavailable due to supply chain or farmer constraints will be substituted with the most similar item of equal value - we promise they will be just as delicious!