Kimchi 3 pack! Cucumber, Garlic & Radish - Lani's Farm - 8 oz each


Lani's Farm in Bordentown, NJ makes their own line of incredibly delicious kimchis from the beautiful produce they grow on their diversified farm, including the dried peppers used to give the kimchi the pleasant kick! They have such a depth and concentration of flavor, a little bit really goes a long way! 

3-container tasting pack containing 1 jar Cucumber, 1 jar Spicy Garlic, 1 jar Mu Radish (each are 8 oz jars)


Ingredients (Cucumber): cucumbers, Gekkeikan Sake, water, vinegar, sugar, shishito peppers, ginger, garlic, scallions

Ingredients (Mu Radish): Korean Radish, red shishito pepper, garlic, scallion, salt, ginger, anchovy sauce

Ingredients (Spicy Garlic): garlic, soy sauce, water, vinegar, sugar, hot peppers, sesame seeds