PUUR GROND 13 (PG 13) - 1/2 Lb


Thermalized Farmstead Cow's Milk - Holland 

Don't let the appearance fool you - this is all decadence once you take a bite. The name means "pure earth" 13 weeks, and refers to the farms attachment to the land and the cheese's connection to the grass the cows graze on. This is part of our Dutch Collaboration project and it was one of the most unexpected discoveries from our trip to meet farmstead producers 2 years ago. While it is technically a gouda, it us unusual in a few ways: 1. It is farmstead (milk comes from animals that the cheesemakers raise, and cheese is made on the farm) 2. It is not fully pasteurized (just thermalized, which is like "pasteurization lite" = kills the bad things leaves the good stuff and keeps the texture of the milk intact) 3. It is much younger than most goudas you are used to and the animals eat only grass!

The result is a decadent rich flavor bomb that tastes like a perfect meatball mixed with all the buttery texture of raclette. It is a showstopper and one of our all time favorites!