Chef Collective's Bánh mì

Chef Collective's Bánh mì

The Bánh mì is one of our favorite sandwiches at Chef Collective. We order them at least once a week, but sometimes we are at home and our favorite spot is closed, so we improvise with this very non traditional version, it's super delicious and easy!



You can't make a good sandwich without good bread, for this one we recommend the Stirato from Sullivan St Bakery, crunchy and light, make sure to give it a little toast in the oven and don't cut it all the way in half, you want it to be pac man shaped so it holds all the goodness of this sandwich without loosing anything.


Heritage Pork Porchetta from Tempesta Salumi (Sliced) (Warm)

Pate Campagne from Trois Petit Cochon (Sliced thin - 1/4 inch) (Warm)

Aoli (Or Mayo)

Carrots + Cucumbers (Grated or thing sliced)

Scallions (Chopped greens and bulb)

Italian Parsley (Leaves  and stems separated but mixed together)

Lemon (Or Meyer Lemon)

Mirin (Or Sweet Wine)

Hot Sauce (Optional)


Once you've got all your misen place ready(bread toasted, aoli made, carrots/cucumbers grated, Scallions chopped, etc), clear a cutting board and prepare to assemble.  Order of operations is the secret with any sandwich, it ensures bread integrity is maintained and that each flavor hits you at the right moment to provide total sandwich nirvana!  

Put your carrots and cucumber into a small bowl and add a dash of mirin and a squeeze of lemon, mix gently then remove and drain on a paper towel, we want them slightly dressed, but not sopping.  

Next, grab your bread, spread a generous layer of aoli around the inside, with the flat side of the bread laying on the cutting board lay your pate slices (slightly overlapping) on the bottom half of the sandwich, next we will layer the sliced of porchetta, lay then in the V of the bread so they cover the exposed aoli on the top and the pate on the bottom creating a nice V in which to load all our greens and veggies.  Start adding the parsley then pack your dressed cucumber/carrot mix on top, finally garnish with chopped scallions.  Add a healthy dose of hot sauce if you like. Last step, press on both side of the bread while holding your veggies down into the indentation to kind of crush everything together, not too much just enough to give it all a sense of neighborly sandwich love.  Eat immediately, enjoy!

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