Puntarelle Alla Romana

Puntarelle Alla Romana

Puntarelle Alla Romana:

This is a classic salad that you would enjoy in the trattorias of Rome, it is a beautiful introduction to Punatrelle and super simple to make. There is a little waiting time, so start it before the rest of your dinner and dress just before eating. 


1 Head – Puntarelle

1 Large Bowl

1 Bowl Ice Water

3-4 Fillets – Anchovies Cantabrico

3 oz – Grove and Vine EVOO

1.5 oz – Barolo Vinegar (Other good red wine vinegar)

2 clove – Garlic




To start peel the outer leaves off of the head, and put aside, these are great for braising or cooking but we won’t use them now.  We want to work with the stalks in the center of the plant, cut them from the base removing any tough woody parts from the stem.  Once you have you stalks, julienne them longways into thin strips and rinse.  After the strips have been rinsed, place in your bowl of iced water for 30-50 minutes until the strips curl. 


While you wait for the strip to curl, you can prepare you anchovy vinaigrette.  If you have a mortar and pestle pull it out now, otherwise we will simply use a knife from start to finish.  Begin by smashing your garlic cloves to remove the skin, and then flatten with a knife.  If you find a green sprout in the garlic remove it before going forward.  Once you’ve smashed your cloves, give them a quick chop and put aside.  Next, grab your anchovies, and finely slice in one direction so you have lots of short fine slices. At this point if you are using a mortar and pestle toss you anchovies and garlic in to it and work them until they are just starting to become one but haven’t become a uniform paste.  If you don’t have a mortar and pestle, toss the anchovies and garlic together using the knife to fold them over one another and equally disburse.  Flatten with the side of your know and start mincing, we aren’t’ trying to make a paste just make sure they are thoroughly mixed and of the same size.  After you’ve achieved a rough but blended consistency, move the whole mixture to a bowl.  To make your vinaigrette start by adding ½ of the evoo and vinegar to the bowl and mixing vigorously until it is emulsified.  Taste and adjust to taste with more oil or vinegar, finish with salt if needed.


Once your Puntarelle has curled, drain it and pat dry with a paper towel, in a large bowl toss the Puntarelle with ½ of your vinaigrette reserving the other half for spooning on top table side as your serve.  Enjoy!


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