Leftover "Parmigiano"

Leftover "Parmigiano"

This is one of the tastiest, easiest, slam dunk, soul satisfying, “how did you make something so darn delicious in only 20 minutes?” dinners we have ever made.  As the name suggests, we are hacking our leftovers, because the only thing more delicious than leftovers is a casserole full of the combination of all them!  The inspiration for this was a deep craving for Chicken Parmesan, but we only had a 1/4 chicken (not enough for 2 adults and a 1 year old) and 20 minutes before dinner time. Out of necessity deliciousness was born!  The secret to getting this meal on the table in 15 minutes? We are going to cook it from both sides.


Leftover - Mixed Crispy Mushrooms (recipe on the blog)

Leftover – Brick Chicken (deboned and chopped) and Braised Cabbage (recipe on the blog)


1 tbsp Italian Compound Salt (recipe on the blog)

2 cups Ultimate Marinara Sauce (recipe on the blog)

½ Cup Fresh Mozzarella (Sliced and hand torn)

½ Cup Stracciatella 

½ Cup Parmigiano Reggiano Finely Grated (or other similar hard cheese)


  1. Make sure you have all your ingredients ready to go!
  2. Preheat the broiler of your oven and get a large cast iron frying pan heating up with a dash of EVOO over high heat.  

Assembly and Cooking:

      1. Since everything is already cooked, you just need to carefully assemble the            pieces.  To start, add your chopped chicken and cabbage, cook for 2                      minutes, tossing in the pan to mix everything up.  

  1. Next spread your crispy mushrooms as equally as you can atop the chicken and cabbage.  
  2. Then spoon your ultimate marinara sauce evenly over the entire mixture, use the back of the spoon to distribute and spread. 
  3. Finally, evenly distribute your mozzarella on top, spoon the stracciatella around to fill in any gaps, and season lightly with Italian Compound Salt. 
  4. Put the whole thing in the broiler for 5 minutes.  After 3 minutes, check to make sure your cheese is not burning, turn the whole pan 180 degrees and cook for another 2 minutes or until the mozzarella develops golden brown spots.  
  5. Remove from the broiler, sprinkle with Parmigiano Reggiano, and allow to cool for 5 minutes before serving.  This is great with some crusty bread - Enjoy!