RADISHES! and why we love them <3

RADISHES! and why we love them <3

Raw, roasted, braised, poached… the possibilities are endless when it comes to radishes! They are one of our favorite vegetables to have on hand year round, but ESPECIALLY in the winter. This is the clutch player on the fridge team. There are a myriad of varieties that are available year round with a myriad of applications!

Over the first few days we have a bunch of radishes on hand, we prefer to enjoy them raw. They are in their crispest, juiciest state. (*Pro tip: to keep the bottoms nice and crunchy for as long as possible, separate them from any greens that are attached. The greens will pull the moisture from the roots! Definitely keep the greens though!) Slice them thin and put them in a salad or on a sandwich. If you want to indulge a little, slice them into sticks or keep them whole and serve with some softened salted butter. Don’t trash the green tops! Incorporate them into your salad or anywhere else you’re using greens. If you’re into arugula, then you’ll be into radish tops. They’re tender with a bit of spice and a lot of flavor! 

When you’re reaching back around for the radishes after it's been a few days, poach them in some chicken stock, or throw them in a soup or stew. They hold their shape well and absorb a lot of flavor from whatever liquid they are cooked in. Have any leftover rice? Sauté radishes with some scallions and soy sauce and toss in your leftover rice for a great fried rice. Make it a meal by adding some egg! 

At the end of the week when the radishes seem like they are holding on for dear life*, it's time to roast them. They may seem a bit wrinkled or limp, but no one will know after you’ve roasted them with lots of olive oil, garlic and some hearty herbs! They will be beautiful and you can give yourself a pat on the back for getting creative in the kitchen. 

*If it's the end of the week and you don’t want to cook any radishes, FEAR NOT! Bring their limp bodies back by soaking them in a bowl of ice water for 5-10 minutes.