Step away from the stove - No Heat Eats!

Step away from the stove - No Heat Eats!

It is too hot to cook so we are sharing some of our favorite and most satisfying dishes for an easy dinner without raising the mercury!


1. Prosciutto and Melon - It is a classic, there is a reason!  When you find the perfect melon (Cavaillan Melon) and the perfect prosciutto (Prosciutto Leporati) the just go together beautifully - the funk of the melon is offset by the sweetness of the prosciutto, the syrupy sugar content of the melon is balanced by the salt of the cured ham!  Add evoo if you must, but all you really need to enjoy this is a plate!

2. Burrata and anything but mainly bright tomatoes and cucumbers.  Burrata is so easy to enjoy, it is mozzarella filled with cream after all, but when you balance it with bright Sungold tomatoes, crisp cucumbers and a touch of evoo and salt it is truly perfection.  If you need a carb fix, we won't judge you for turning on the toaster but you may want to just skip that and grab some Pixie and The Scout Crostini and a tub of our decadent Stracciatella (the filling of burrata).

3. Watermelon and Pecorino - never heard of this, now you have, and it is delicious.  Only deeply ripe watermelon will do and for the pecorino you have to go classic which means Pecorino Romano della Lazio DOP - The salt and slight funky sheep notes of the pecorino brings out the deep candy sweetness of the watermelon, we recommend thing shavings and eating quickly so that cheese maintains some crunch and the watermelon stays super juicy!


Why so Italian?  Have you seen our Italian friends in blazing summer heat?  They are still as happy and jovial as ever, because they know how to enjoy the season and eat accordingly.  The truly ripe summer fruits are only hear for so long, enjoy them while you can and save the baking for a day when your apartment could you a little extra heat!